If you’ve written a book and plan to publish it yourself, I know my how-to self publishing workbook will ensure you produce a quality book that is available worldwide. The next few lines explain in detail everything you will find in my book but I welcome you questions and will answer them fully. Send questions and comments to bill@positive-imaging.com . Thanks.

Preface and Introduction - Here’s where I tell you why I wrote the book and introduce you to each of twenty two chapters so you’ll know exactly what to expect from every part of this book. This will help you determine if you want to read it cover to cover or dwell on specific chapters.

Why Write A Book? - Do you know why you want to write a book? Have you given it much thought? This chapter helps to understand the many reasons some write a book and why they are often confused about their reasons.

Why Self Publish? The important thing is to be comfortable with your choice. This chapter describes the various kinds of publishing companies that want to take your money and how to avoid them. It helps you understand and avoid Vanity and Subsidy publishers and guides you on how to deal with POD Printers to get your own book published. It also includes information about traditional publishers.

Planning Your Book - After the initial plan you create a concise outline to make certain all the information you wish to convey is part of your book project. This chapter helps you to set your objective, know your market, and decide on the final format of your book.

BackUp - This chapter is unusual for a book on self publishing because it’s all about backing up your writing. You may think that backing up data is a topic for computer books but the importance of backing up your writing can’t be overemphasized and the thought of losing days, weeks, months, and perhaps even years of work because of a failure to backup your writing each and every day is frightening.

Choosing The Best Title - Choosing the best possible title for your book is a critical step and doing it right can cement the success of your book and doing it wrong may well cause weak sales for your book. This can be a make or break decision if you want your book to sell well.

Creating The First Draft. This draft, based on your plan and outline, sets the stage for moving to a final manuscript. You definitely want your first draft to be as complete as possible lacking only editing to make it ready for creation of the final manuscript for the print-ready files to be used by your POD printer. The next chapter carries this further by describing the writing tools you can use to create your first draft and final manuscript.

The Discipline of Writing - This chapter helps you develop the behaviors so important to completing your book in a reasonable time and describes how to stick with it and make time to write everyday. The next chapter covers editing your first draft and describes a great and absolutely free editing program that you can use to improve your writing significantly.

Layout and formatting (Typesetting) - Once you have a final manuscript and all the writing and editing is completed, it’s time to start typesetting the book for the POD printer. The better job you do with this the better and more professional your book will look. This chapter introduces PagePlus X4, an all-in-one desktop publishing studio that your can buy for under $20.00 and it will ensure that you create an excellent print-ready file every time.

PagePlusX4 - Chapter eleven is a lengthy chapter filled with clear and concise screen shots and detailed instructions on how to make use of PagePlus X4 to create your print-ready file. You can also use this application to import and edit your pdf files. It is an excellent yet inexpensive desktop publishing software that I have used for years.

Free Software - Chapter twelve is all about the excellent and free applications you can download and use for your publishing. A half dozen of the best free programs are described in detail and exactly how to find them. It also covers how to get free software from safe web sites to avoid viruses and trojans.

ISBN - If you plan to sell your book an ISBN is critical to have. Chapter thirteen explains the importance of the ISBN and why you need to get your own and pay for it even though you can get one at no cost. The perils of free ISBNs are explained in detail.

Print On Demand Printers - After several years of publishing I found what I consider the best company to deal with for overall satisfaction, fair prices, and Chapter fourteen explains why this is the company I choose for all my books. With the popularity of self publishing there is a long list of companies waiting to take your money for various publishing related services. This company has consistently proven itself to me while publishing all my books.

Bill’s book, based entirely on first-hand experience with over 15 books, contains in-depth, step-by-step, concise instructions and detailed screen shots that are a complete course on a proven method for writing, editing, typesetting, and publishing your own books and ebooks successfully.

Writing and publishing a quality book can be a complex, costly, and difficult job if you don’t even know how to start. The idea is just the beginning followed by a long list of tasks including planning, outlining, and then actually writing every chapter, making certain it is well organized and easy to read.

After all that, the manuscript has to be edited carefully and then you have to create a print-ready file for the POD printer.

Part of the process includes creating a great title that will draw potential book buyers and be easy to read on an interesting cover that is easy to read even as a small image on a web site. You also need a good web site to tell everyone about your new book and how they can get a copy.

This is a long list of steps and handling each one professionally is critical to writing, publishing, and selling a quality book. Self Publishing: Writing A Book and Publishing Books and eBooks For Yourself and Others carefully details a step-by-step proven method for creating quality books on a consistent basis and will definitely help you publish your book successfully.

Whether you want to handle every aspect of writing and publishing a book yourself or just do certain parts of the process while hiring others to help you, this book is the one tool you need to write and publish your book successfully.
Get your copy now for only $19.95 plus shipping by clicking below.

Kindle - These ebooks sparked the ebook revolution and Chapter fifteen contains complete instructions on exactly how to publish your book for the Kindle reader. Every step and all the tools needed plus where and how to get the tools is described in detail.

Smashwords - With over 100,000 ebooks in circulation it rivals Kindle for ebook sales. This is a good place to publish your ebooks and Chapter sixteen describes exactly how to make use of Smashwords to publish your ebooks.

Other eBook Selling Options - There are other options for creating and selling ebooks including Clickbank and selling ebooks directly from your own web site. Chapter seventeen contains instructions on how to make use of clickbooks and set up your own site to sell your books directly.

Creating a Book Cover - Even though most of your book sales will come from online, an attractive book cover is important to push sales. Chapter eighteen describes two methods for creating your own attractive and inviting book covers. This chapter contains detailed instructions and clear screen shots that will help you use the method that works best for you.

Your Own Web Site - Now you have a book with a great cover but you need to let everyone know about it. Chapter nineteen teaches you how to create a web site to expose your book to the buying public and to send buyers to your eStore where they can purchase your book with the highest profits for you.

Publishing Services Company - By the time you finish this book you will know exactly how to publish your own books and perhaps you would like to profit from that knowledge by helping others to get their books published. Chapter twenty shows you how make use of the skills that you developed.

Screen Shots - This book is filled with clear screen shots to help explain the various methods I use. To be of real value screen shots for paper books must be sharp and that takes a significant effort. Since you may need to create screen shots for your book, chapter twenty-one explains how I created the screen shots for this book and made certain they were all sharp.

Final Notes - Chapter twenty two contains many invaluable notes to help you write and publish your books successfully. These last minute ideas contribute to the value of this book.

Glossary - At the end of the book is a complete glossary to explain the many terms that you may encounter during writing and self publishing books.

The book ends with details about me and a list of other books I wrote and published.

I sincerely believe you can succeed in writing and publishing a book or ebook by following the detailed instructions in this book but no one can guarantee your success and anyone who does is not being honest. Success rests with your abilities, determination, and efforts.

Copyright  2012  A. William Benitez

Note From Bill: With your purchase comes full access to my Self Publishing Support blog where members can post and comment. I also welcome your questions at my email address bill@positive-imaging.com . Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions or comments. This is a unique opportunity to get help in writing and publishing your book or ebook. Thanks.

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Praise For

Self Publishing: Writing A Book and Publishing

Books and Ebooks for Yourself and Others

This workbook is an amazing publishing guide for any author who wants to do it all him or herself.

Patricia Fry, author, speaker, editor www.patriciafry.com

Concise, succinct, comprehensive, methodical, ‘user friendly’, “Self Publishing: Writing A Book and Publishing Books and eBooks For Yourself and Others” by A. William Benitez is a 200 page instructional compendium specifically designed for showing novice authors how to turn their manuscripts into either traditional print publications or digital volumes. Offering sage advice ranging from the value of backing up the writing and editing to choosing a marketable title; to tips on self-editing, layout and formatting; to practical advice on using Createspace, Kindle, Smashwords, and Clickbank; to creating quality covers and even setting up a publishing service company of your own, “Self Publishing: Writing A Book and Publishing Books and eBooks For Yourself and Others” will prove an enduringly valued and highly recommended instructional reference for all aspiring writers seeking to publish their own material in a highly competitive market.

Midwest Book Review, The Writing/Publishing Shelf

Based on his experience, Bill Benitez guides us through twenty organized and mandatory steps towards the successful self publishing of your book.

Self Publishing: Writing A Book And Publishing Books and eBooks For Yourself And Others covers all the questions we might ask ourselves, starting with 'Why should I write that book?' to "How to set up a publishing services company?”

The book is abundantly illustrated with screen snapshots of an easy-to-use and inexpensive book formatting software. The author also tells us how to choose the best title for a book, the importance of buying the right ISBN, and much more.

This easy-to-read guide will take your book to its final goal: publish while saving time doing the research and avoiding the pitfalls of self publishing.

C.K. Omillin


If you want easy to follow instructions on how to use Page Plus or if you are interested in Print-on-Demand or eBook publishing, this is a great resource! The free tools that Bill recommends are worth the price of the book.

Leslie Korenko author of three Kelleys Island history books www.KelleysIslandStory.com

For Ebook Version


Note From Bill: Right now you may thinking, “Just what we need, another book on self publishing.” I understand how you feel having read at least a dozen books on the subject when I was learning. This one really is different because it doesn’t try to cover every publishing method or the history of publishing. Instead, it describes in comprehensive detail, a proven method that I used to write and publish a half dozen books and also published many more for other writers. I do mean comprehensive because I describe every single step of writing, editing, creating the print-ready file, creating the cover, publishing the book, and creating a web site to tell the world about it. Nothing is left out including detailed instructions and clear screen shots so anyone can follow step-by-step and publish successfully. Check out the praise for my book below and then read the list of the topics that fill every page of my new book:

Self Publishing: Writing A Book and Publishing Books and Ebooks For Yourself and Others

Why would I write a book on self publishing when there are dozens of good ones already available, most of which I’ve read over the years. What I found in most of these was an avalanche of information instead of one proven method that would work every time. I wanted to handle every aspect of self publishing my books because my budget wouldn’t accommodate hiring others to handle tasks. Finally, I didn’t want to make a large investment and maintain a garage full of books that I had to mail out to customers. I wanted to write and publish books. Let someone else do the fulfillment of orders.

I developed a method to do all of that and used it on a dozen books. Every step of that method is what I share in Self Publishing: Writing A Book and Publishing Books and Ebooks For Yourself and Others.

You can take the details of that method and create a quality book every time. Don’t listen to those anti self publishing malcontents who keep knocking self publishers. Of course there are bad self published books just like there are bad traditionally published books. But your book can be well formatted, well edited, well printed with an excellent cover that you’ll be proud to show anyone. That’s the only kind of book I’ve published and yours can be the same. All you need is someone to guide you through every step to ensure the quality of your very first book.

Frustration With Traditional Publishers Leads To Self Publishing

In 2007 my wife Barbara completed a wonderful children’s chapter book called Lottie’s Adventure and begin sending it to traditional publishers. Despite some great preliminary reviews, all she got was rejections and lack of response. This was quite frustrating for her and I wanted to help.

We didn’t have a lot of money to invest but I had read a lot about print on demand publishing and made up my mind to learn all about it and then publish Lottie’s Adventure. It was a lengthy learning curve and I made lots of mistakes including the selection of a POD company that was more expensive than necessary. Nevertheless, we produced a high quality book and in spite of our lack of knowledge we sold quite a few copies of Lottie’s Adventure even though I knew nothing of selling worldwide.

After this success I realized that self publishing had potential for some of my own writing and began developing effective, efficient, and lower cost methods to publish the books that I wrote. Since then I have written and published six books and a few ebooks of my own and established a publishing company that has published six books plus several ebooks for other writers.

After consistently producing and marketing quality books worldwide I decided to share these proven methods in a new book that covers every step from idea through book creation to worldwide sales. Please read on to learn more about this complete and concise how-to book.

A Comprehensive and Illustrated How-To WorkBook Based On First-Hand Experience

A HOW-TO book by writer/publisher a. William (Bill) benitez

Writing A Book and Publishing Books and Ebooks For Yourself and Others

Self Publishing:

Now You Can Self Publish A Quality Book and

Sell It Worldwide. Complete and Concise Instructions In

My Bookk

Self Publishing: Writing A Book and Publishing Books

and Ebooks For Yourself and Others